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Oando Pushes for More Efforts to Achieve Africa’s Overall Energy Transition Programmes

…… Advocates for cleaner Energy through gas………

………..by Ben Ndubuwa……
As the global energy transition journey continues to gathered momentum, Oando Energy Resources is pushing for more efforts by African countries to achieve a more robust and just emergy transition to march the global energy campaign.

Oando is particularly stressing the need for Nigeria and other African nations to intensify their efforts towards achieving the continent’s energy transition outlook in order to evade being left behind by the rest of the world.

The company also called for a proactive approach and a robust government action plan to support gas development and the overall transition towards clean energy.

Dr. Alex Ainojiey, Chief Operating Officer of Oando Energy Resources stated this while speaking at a panel session at the just conclude NOG Energy Week in Abuja on the theme’ Accelerating gas development for Nigeria’s energy transition journey’

He affirmed that a collective effort from all stakeholders is essential to create a thriving and sustainable energy ecosystem for Nigeria’s future generations.

According to him ‘’ Nigeria has the potential to lead the way in Africa’s energy transition journey, and it is up to all stakeholders, including the government and private sector, to work together towards a more sustainable future.’’

‘’Nigeria has a significant role to play in the global energy transition, and there are several opportunities within the gas ecosystem that can be leveraged to accelerate this transition.’ He stated

Dr. Irune highlighted that one opportunity lies in utilizing the wet components of the country’s gas resources to fuel the transportation sector and other critical infrastructure dependent on liquid fuel. This approach could pave the way for greener alternatives and reduce carbon emissions.

Speaking on CNG as a fuel source for mass transit, Dr. Irune acknowledged that the biggest challenge is transporting it to the fuelling point. He proposed using CNG to drive electricity for electric mobility and electric public transport, shifting the focus from getting CNG into vehicles to getting it to a park where electric vehicles can recharge.

He also suggested using virtual pipeline capacity to bring clean cooking gas to remote areas, supporting smaller villages, townships, and areas that have broken away from the grid. He emphasized that education and a mindset shift are critical in accelerating the transition towards cleaner energy sources.

He noted that for these opportunities to make a real impact, the importance of an enabling environment. Harmonizing policies, creating a blueprint for progress, and securing a stable investment environment are key steps. “We cannot realize the full benefits of partnerships if the issue of security isn’t addressed,” he said.

Other who spoke at the panel discussion include Abdulkabir M. Ahmed, EVP – Gas, Power & New Energies at NNPC Limited, Akachukwu Nwokedi, President of the Nigerian Gas Association (NGA) & General Counsel and Company Secretary at Nigeria LNG Limited, and Eberechukwu Oji, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at ND Western.

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