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NNPC, NIPCO Gas partnership Expands AutoCNG Infrastructure Network Nationwide.

The NIPCO Gas Limited joint partnership with Nigeria National Petroleum.Company Ltd (NNPCL) is set to transform AutoCNG infrastructure nationwide giving hope to motorist for an alternative fuel as against white oils

This monumental announcement was made by NIPCO Gas’s Managing Director, Nagendra Verma while giving an update on the Company’s efforts in growing use of gas as vehicular fuel across the nation and her pipelines expansion projects in Lagos .

He disclosed that since its inception in 2009, NIPCO Gas has been at the forefront of AutoCNG development, with its footprint stretching from Benin City to Ibafo in Ogun State and Kogi State.

Verma explained that with the support of government initiatives, the AutoCNG network is poised for even greater expansion, reaching key locations such as Abuja FCT, Ibadan in Oyo State, and Oron in Akwa Ibom State.

The statement read, “Currently operating 15 AutoCNG stations nationwide, NIPCO Gas ensures that CNG vehicles originating from Lagos can seamlessly travel as far as Abuja and Kaduna, thanks to strategically located refueling points along the route.

“The partnership between NIPCO Gas and NNPC, under the guidance of the Presidency, underscores a shared commitment to serving the Nigerian populace.

“With plans for the construction of 35 new AutoCNG stations underway, NIPCO Gas is on track to alleviate the challenges faced by millions of citizens, with four stations in Lagos slated for completion by April/May 2024.”

According to him.,the partnership deal has also facilitated an ambitious of Auto CNG stations and other anciliary facilities like kits conversion workshops across the country .

The NIPCO boss who also commended stakeholders including PCNGI, NMDPRA, SON, NNPC, and various Ministries and Departments, emphasized the capital-intensive nature of gas distribution and AutoCNG projects, which demand significant investment and perseverance.

Verma noted beyond AutoCNG, NIPCO Gas is also expanding its gas transportation pipeline towards Ibadan and its gas distribution network in the Lekki Free Zone, further enhancing indigenous gas utilization and reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels.

With AutoCNG priced competitively against traditional fuels, Verma explained that NIPCO Gas is confident that sustained government support will propel it to become the preferred choice for motorists nationwide, alleviating import pressures and Forex burdens in the process.

“AutoCNG is not merely a project; it represents a national imperative—a cleaner, greener solution that promises to alleviate the burdens faced by the masses and motorists alike. NIPCO Gas extends its gratitude to the Government and media for their unwavering support as they work towards realizing this transformative vision”, Verma said.

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