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NAEE : Energy Transition as Strategic Activities and Underlining Issues a Focus – Prof Omorogbe

Prof. Yinka Omorogbe, President NAEE and Prof. Wunmi Iledare, President IAEE at the On- going NAEE conference in Abuja

………by Ben Ndubuwa……..

The President of the Nigerian Association for Energy Economics (NAEE), Prof. Yinka Omorogbe has said that it is the energy underlining issues that should be the focus as the developed countries intensify campaign on the global level for energy transition.

Prof. Omorogbe maintained that the developing countries and Africa in particular should find their own pathway for energy transition given their natural resources that are available.

According to her energy transition in Nigeria should not be seen as an evolutionary shift but a strategic activities. This is because transition is a shift that will never occur if nature is left to move at its pace.

Prof. Omoregbe, who is a professor of energy economics, a lawyer and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) was in her welcome speech at the on- going 16th Annual NAEE/IAEE International Conference, at PTDF centre in Abuja, explained that the theme of the Conference “Energy Evolution, Transition and Reforms: Prospects for African Economies” is apt given that Evolution and Transition in the Nigerian context today are not the same.

She pointed out that transition conotes a paradigm shift, planned and geared towards a structured changes. “that will not evolves without strategic activities” she said.

The NAEE President further noted that what is being talked about is significant changes, rectification of past damages to the environment as far as humanly possible.

This she maintained involves a far more deep drive to energy evolution from the past and today there is far more natural gas and there is far more hydrocarbon and that are being used. ” Also is this new source of energy on the rise – Hydrogen” she said.

As a result of all these Nigeria should expect an industrial revolution that will involve hydrogen carbon gas, nuclear and the renewables that are coming into the scene.

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