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CERAWeek : NNPC Emphasises Shift from Production to Associated Oil

……by Jenifer Dike in Houston……
The Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) has said that Nigeria is now laying Emphasises on shift from Production of oil with Associated Gas to Production of Gas to Associated oil.

NNPC is set to do this by leveraging gas as transition and destination fuel, deploying gas for electrification, domestic industries exports

Chief Upstream Investment Officer, Bala Wunti said this at the 41st CERAWeek in Houston, Texas
The NNPC Limited’s Chief Upstream Investment Officer further clearified that NNPCL will achieve this by seeking to leverage the quality of its resources, geographic advantage, and years of industry experience to move domestically from energy deficiency to sufficiency and support the global push for sustainable energy.

“The shift from production of oil with associated gas to the production of gas with associated oil will help to leverage gas as a transition and destination fuel by deploying gas for electrification, chemicals, and domestic industries and exports” he said this at the panel discussion of the role of national oil companies in the changing world.

“We are moving from the production of oil with associated gas to the production of gas with associated oil. NNPC Limited will leverage gas as a transition and destination fuel by deploying gas for electrification, gas for chemicals, and gas for domestic industries and exports.

“This aligns with the global effort to build a hydrogen-based economy by evolving from grey Hydrogen Vectors (LNG, Ammonia, and Methanol) to blue and eventually a green Hydrogen fuelled World.

“There is a general perception that National Oil Companies around the globe, which represent around 50% of the World’s Oil & Gas production are absent in the effort to decarbonise the global energy mix,’’ Wunti said

Wunti contributed to the conversation by highlighting the advantages of NNPC Limited as it leads the push for sustainable energy delivery in the domestic and international markets while simultaneously delivering on the promise of eradicating energy poverty and subsequently achieving the 2060 Net-Zero target.

He painted the current picture of NNPC Limited’s reality in supplying the domestic market, producing and exporting hydrocarbons, and the vision for the future.

The Chief Upstream Investment Officer also highlighted Nigeria’s rich resource base, the balanced Gas to Oil ratio of Nigeria’s hydrocarbons, its unique geographic location giving it access to global trade routes, and over 60 years of experience supplying hydrocarbons to over 60 countries spread across six continents as the major advantages of NNPC Limited.

Speaking about global trends, Wunti noted that the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the resulting energy crisis have proven that nations around the globe will always prioritise energy security over other considerations.

“Nonetheless, NNPC Limited believes in delivering clean, affordable, and reliable energy as its strategy to eradicate energy poverty domestically and capture higher market share globally as we witness shifts in supply partnerships.

“NNPC Limited has ambitious plans to evolve as an energy supplier of choice. This is anchored around its 5R strategy to reduce emissions by eliminating Gas flaring and adopting renewable solutions, replace ‘dirty’ liquid fuels by converting Diesel Generators for power generation to Gas, renew production and processing plants by discarding outdated and less efficient equipment and adopting newer and cleaner technology, revegetation to address environmental degradation, and rebranding as a Gas producing nation,’’ he said.

He added: “It is common knowledge that capital is discriminatory against the Oil industry. This has fed into Nigeria’s current low reserve-to-production ratio; at the current depletion rate, Nigeria will be unable to reap the benefits of its vast resources.

“While assuring that NNPC Limited will continue optimising its portfolio to be ESG compliant, the Nigerian Petroleum Industry Act enacted in 2021 provides a short terms solution by mandating NNPC Ltd to set aside a portion of its profit for frontier exploration.’’

On the return of Nigeria’s position as Africa’s leading oil producer, Wunti said a lot of progress has been made in combating the menace of insecurity in the country that heightened in 2022.

“Concerted efforts in tackling insecurity and restoring investor and partner confidence have seen Nigeria recover its position as the number one oil producer in Africa after a brief eclipse in 2022.’’

Others on the panel were Bader E. Al-Attar, Managing Director, Planning & Finance – Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and Zhen Wang, Chairman – CNOOC Energy Economics Institute and the panel was moderated by Daniel Pratt, North America Upstream Lead – S&P Global.

CERAWeek is an annual energy industry conference hosted by S & P Global, a global information and analytics company. The conference brings together industry leaders, policymakers, experts, and innovators from around the World to discuss and debate the future of the energy industry.

The conference features a diverse range of sessions, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and presentations on a variety of topics related to the energy industry. These topics range from the latest trends in oil and gas production, renewable energy, electric vehicles, energy storage, carbon capture and storage, and climate change.

CERAWeek provides a platform for industry leaders to network, exchange ideas, and collaborate on innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the energy industry. It is an important event for the energy industry and is attended by many high-profile individuals and organisations, including CEOs, government officials, thought leaders, academics, and investors.

NNPC Limited executed a three-year strategic partnership with S & P Global for the CERAWeek to maximise NNPC Limited’s participation at the renowned executive conference.

Last year’s event welcomed 5,000+ participants from 87 countries in Houston, Texas. The theme for the 2023 CERAWeek is Navigating a Turbulent World: Energy, Climate and Security.

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