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NPA Boss Performance Validated by BPSR, Alleged Blackmail by CSOs

Mohammed Bello Koko, Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) performance has been validated by Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR), howover he kicks over allegation of blackmail by some unknown civil society organisations (CSOs) using a section of the media to blackmail him and his family

Describing the blackmailers as faceless, he said this had made it difficult for him to take legal action against them.

NPA boss warned that any media platform that henceforth allows itself to be used to drag his good name though the mud would have its day in court.

“I have yet to understand why these evil machinations would be orchestrated against me. Is the offence that I committed my acceptance and readiness to serve my country to the best of my ability?’ he queried.
The NPA boss stressed that he had never been indicted in the course of his service to his fatherland.

On the contrary, he said his hard work stood him out at the NPA where he was promoted from Executive Director (Finance and Administration) to the Chief Executive Officer.
“Our performances have been recently validated by the Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR), which adjudged the NPA on my watch as a Platinum Level Organisation, consequent upon the deployment of its Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) in the NPA for the independent assessment, validated assessment and in-depth analysis of processes and practices of the agency.

Flowing from the assessment, the BPSR had returned a verdict of ‘exceptional performance by the NPA with a performance level of 91.25 per cent’,” he said.

The NPA listed a number of achievements the authority had achieved under his leadership, such as the completion of the construction of 6,000 metric tonnes bitumen tank in Rivers Port complex to improve the company’s bitumen storage capacity which will ease their operations and have impact on the infrastructure development of the Southsouth, among others.

• Provision of 24 motorcycles deployed in aid of effective monitoring of Truck E-Call Up operation at Apapa/TCIPC/Ijora axis to ease free flow of traffic.

• Enforcement of full compliance of trucks to E-Call Up regime and Minimum Safety Standard resulting in significant reduction in the traffic gridlock along the main Port corridor and the internal access roads through enforcements, proper batching, continuous access control mechanisms and movement of cargo via barge operations, among many others.

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