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LADOL Stakeholders Rejoice Over Five Years of ISO 9001 Compliance

Following the business’s continued flawless performance in its ISO 9001 audit last week, the stakeholders of LADOL Free Zone were in a good mood.

One of the most compliant terminals in Nigeria and one of a select few to hold this certification, LADOL has been in compliance with ISO 9001 for five years.

It may be recalled that LADOL obtained ISO 45001 certification as the first company in North and West Africa in 2020. Earlier this year, LADOL renewed and kept its International Organization Standardization, ISO 45001:2018+14001:2015.

Based on the International Organization for Standardization’s standard titled “Quality management systems-Requirements,” ISO 9001:2015 is a certification for businesses. This standard updates ISO 9001:2008 to add requirements for a new, higher level structure that will serve as a common framework for all ISO management systems, risk-based thinking in quality system processes, fewer prescriptive requirements with less emphasis on documentation, a clear definition of quality management system boundaries, and increased leadership requirements. While 14001:2015 is for environmental management systems, ISO 45001:2018 is for occupational health and safety, or OH&S.

Thorough and exacting external auditing procedures were used to successfully renew LADOL’s QMS compliance certification. The achievement of the company’s renewal of its International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, QMS, has been credited to the personnel, management, and all stakeholders in LADOL, according to the managing director of LADOL Free Zone, Dr. Amy Jadesimi.

According to Jadesimi, compliance is a way of life for LADOL. Our strong compliance levels have been essential to our ability to operate in the market safely and dependably during these difficult times. Additionally, LADOL’s dedication to and implementation of its sustainability goals were audited. In reality, LADOL formally joined the UN Global Compact and UN CFO Taskforce in 2021.”

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