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Women in Energy: Nigeria Top Energy Leaders Partner WEOG on Trade Mission to Belize

Nigeria top energy leaders, experts and stakeholders are set to partner with the International Forum for Women in Energy, Oil and Gas (WEOG) on Energy trade mission to Belize, Central America

The Nigerian delegation will from the 21st to the 26th of August, embark on a journey halfway across the world to Central American Energy forte – Belize in a 4-in-1 event that will feature a full International Energy Trade Mission.

The trade mission initiative developed by executives of the  International Forum for Women in Energy, Oil, and Gas (WEOG) a formost international women in Energy group led by the indefatigable  Dr. Oladunni Owo, the national president, in collaboration with Belize Natural Energy LLC  founded by Ms. Susan Morrice who is also a Founding Member and Global Patron of WEOG /  and Chairperson Belize Natural Energy Ltd. The goal of the entire engagement is to strengthen the energy trade relationship between Belize and Nigeria.

This first of its kind Energy trade mission in  Africa and Central America  is scheduled to take off from Belmopan, the commercial capital of Belize  shall  feature meeting with the Prime minister, visits to  various national ministries including the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment, and Public Utilities, Belize state house, the National emergency management organization, and many more.

The trade mission agenda is also a capacity-building tour of Belize Natural Energy LLC (BNE), with major representatives and high profile delegation from the Nigerian energy sector from both the public and private sectors. The tour shall feature strategic visits to BNE’s upstream, midstream, and downstream operation facilities including a review of its Local content development strategies and implementation.

On a conference call session with the WEOG trade mission planning committee, The Co-Founder and Chairperson of Belize Natural Energy Ltd – Susan Morrice concluded the  meeting by saying  that it is an important VIP delegation visit to Belize / BNE.

“This business model has won many awards namely, The Green Award, Employer of the year and more recently the Global Get energy Award for making a sustainable difference in the local communities. We look forward to welcoming these important delegations of Energy dignitaries from Nigeria” Morrice said.

BNE has established itself as a Belizean Integrated Energy company with world-class standards and has achieved rapid success since inception by focusing first on developing its local content, with over 98 percent of its operations being marshalled primarily by Belizeans.

The mission, according to Dr. Dunni Owo, WEOG President has a national transformational goal and objective of fostering an increased Local content development and Energy sector entrepreneurship even Eat the wake of global Energy Transition and Nigeria’s decade of gas. In view of the above the mission shall host an array of International Energy Leader to a special roundtable session targeted as a platform to discuss trending and current Energy sector strategies, innovation, challenges and solutions. For information on participation / collaboration please contact energytrademission@weog.org

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