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Gencos Produce 2,465.70Mw of Electricity

Seventeen Electricity Generation Companies (GenCos) produced 2,465.70Megawatts at 2pm yesterday.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) System Operator (SO) data portal that contained this, indicated that Afam IV&V (Gas) produced 50Mw with one unit of its plants.

With two units of its plants, according to the data, Afam (Gas/Steam) also produced 50Mw.

he data showed that Azura-Edo Independent Power Producer (Gas) generated 426mw from three units.

The SO said Dadinkowa GS (Hydro ) has one unit produced 00Mw. It added that Delta (Gas) generated 234Mw from nine units, while Geregu National Integrated Power Projects (NlPP) (Gas) generated 100Mw from its one unit.

The data revealed that with one unit, Ibom Power (Gas) produced 88Mw, while Ihovbor NIPP (Gas) generated 103.10Mw from two units.

Meanwhile, Jebba (Hydro), according to the document, produced 246.00Mw with three units and Kanji (Hydro) generated 27 Mw with four units. The document noted that from three units, Okpai (Gas/Steam) produced 125.00Mw, while Omoku (Gas) generated 43 Mw from three units.

The data also indicated that Omotosho (Gas) produced 125.50Mw with four units and from one unit,  Omotosho NIPP (Gas) generated 108.90mw, while Paras Energy (Gas) produced 47Mw with seven units.

The SO said Rivers IPP (Gas) generated 110 Mw from one unit, Sapele (Steam) produced 50Mw from unit and Trans Amadi (Gas) generated 44Mw from three units.

The SO also noted that it allocated 3,040mw to 11 Electricity Distribution Companies at 2:33pm, an indication of a rise in generation and transmission by 574.3mw in 30minutes.

The transaction in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) recorded at the period under review, showed that the SO allocated 424mw to Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) and 259mw to Benin Electricity Distribution (BEDC).

It also allocated 295mw to Eko Electricity Distribution Company and 302Mw to Enugu Electricity Distribution Company.

The data said Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Jos Electricity Distribution Company received 381mw, 446mw and 181mw respectively. Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company, Kano Electricity Distribution Company, Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company and Yola Electricity Distribution Company, according to the data, got 211mw, 223mw, 223mw, 228mw and 90mw respectively

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