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Schneider Electric Touts Managed Power Services as the Next Wave of Growth Opportunity

Schneider Electric has identified Managed Power Services as the next big thing in the power sector when the leader in energy management automation encouraged its partners, professionals and end users to take advantage of the next wave of growth opportunity in the power sector.

Speaking to the press recently at a media parley, Oluwaseun Oloyede, Secure Power Leader for Anglophone West Africa, APC by Schneider Electric emphasized the need for its partners and IT professionals to be well positioned in order to take advantage of this growth opportunity. He added that it was normal to see innovations in the sector because “if a business isn’t growing, its likely on its way to extinction” he said.

IT solution providers require continuous investment in new technology and service opportunities to stay on a growth path. Moreso, research has shown that edge computing delivers a robust opportunity for IT solution providers with projected spending to reach $250.6 billion by 2024.

With IT professionals looking for help on monitoring and management of these sites, there are only 27% of managed service providers (MSPs) who offer managed power services today. As such, now is the time for solution providers to expand their portfolio, Oluwaseun stated.

He added that seasoned MSPs know that adding a new service practice requires thoughtful planning, execution, and reliable vendor partnerships. Between implementing platforms and tools, training staff, and identifying clients for the services, building a new practice takes as many as 3,500 non-revenue-generating staff hours.

Managed Power Services represent a new opportunity for service providers and partners to address asset management of UPS’s and physical infrastructure. For example, monitoring of alarms and resolving potential faults increases reliability across the asset’s life cycle.

“Based on our calculations, the addition of Managed Power Services adds 1.5-times additional revenue over the lifecycle of the asset compared to traditional hardware.

“Schneider Electric has developed a program to help MSPs reduce their time-to-market and ensure MSPs have the resources they need to build and launch their managed power services practice,” the Schneider Electric sales executive said.

On ways to go about leveraging this opportunity, Oluwaseun said Schneider Electric has offerings partners could take advantage of.

“They can leverage Schneider Electric’s Edge Software & Digital Services Program. We recently launched the Edge Software & Digital Services Program to help providers quickly establish managed power services while offering flexibility in implementation, lifecycle rebates, and a complete step-by-step resource e-guide titled, “The Essential Guide to Growing your Business with Managed Power Services.”

This will help providers to quickly establish and grow their software and digital services business while effectively managing the needs across the customer’s lifecycle and generating recurring revenue streams. Partners can join the mySchneider IT Solutions Partner Program to enroll

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