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BEDC, TCN Move to Solve Power Problems in Magboro, Others

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) says it is working assiduously with the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) to solve power challenges in Magboro, Ibafo and Mowe communities.

The IBEDC’s Chief Technical Officer, Mr Akin Abiodun, stated this in a statement he released to journalists in Ibadan.

“The attention of the Management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Plc has been drawn to a letter made public from IBEDC Consumers’ Forum in which a customer from Ibafo rejected the new load shedding formula which it had started implementing since March 15, 2021.

“The supply to Ibafo originates from a 33Kv feeder which radiates supply from Oke-Aro Transmission Station through Magboro, Makogi, Oke-Afa to Ibafo, Asese, Orimerunmu, Pakuro, Lotto and Mowe axis and their environs.

“The current load demand for the axis for an equitable power supply is 35 Megawatts, but the allocated energy from Oke-Aro TCN is 13 Megawatts, which was the initial arrangement based on how sparsely populated the communities were a few years ago.

“The increase in population has created an attendant rise in energy consumption making the 13 Megawatts grossly inadequate.

“As part of efforts to ensure an even distribution of power supply to the communities, IBEDC Management had met and written to the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) requesting an increase in load allocation to the axis,” the statement said.

It, however, explained that all transformers at the station are already overloaded, adding that plans were in place for the upgrade of the Substation.

“Furthermore, IBEDC has commenced radiating another feeder from the recently inaugurated Kobape Transmission Station in Abeokuta to Mowe and Ibafo to relieve the load demands of the area and that is expected to take effect later on in the year.

“The feeder is overloaded, and it trips frequently. Frequent tripping of feeders shortens the life of circuit breaker.

“This has necessitated the need for load shedding methodology that will promote amicable and mutual benefits first to our substation equipment and all the communities concerned.

“The decision to review the three shifts of load shedding management to four, for fair and quality power supply was duly discussed with the community leaders, and agreed upon by the leaders before its commencement on March 15 , 2021,” the statement said.

“IBEDC apologises for all the inconveniences this new load shedding arrangement might have caused our esteemed customers in Magboro, Ibafo, Mowe and their environs.

“The arrangement is only temporary as IBEDC and the Transmission Company of Nigeria are working assiduously to proffer a lasting solution to the power supply problem in the area,” he said.

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