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Holler and FCCPC Intensify Advocacy for Consumers’ Satisfaction

Customers and Consumers of products and services in the oil and gas industry will soon begin to enjoy good and satisfactory services as well as value for their money for whatever product or service they received.

This is the reason for the forthcoming seminar being organized by the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) in collaboration with Holler, a free online service review website powered by Elevato and Associates.

The seminar billed for 30th October this year will focus on issues affecting consumers in all sectors of the Nigerian economy. According to the Chief Executive Officer, Elevato and Associates, Marie-Therese Phido, the voice of the customer and consumer advocacy is gaining grounds everyday and therefore cannot be ignored. It has become imperative for services and products from companies and organizations to gain consumers’ trust.

“Organizations that focus on ensuring the best interest of their consumers are achieved, have a better chance of them reciprocating with their trust and enduring loyalty.

“However, given the conventional consumer relationships today, organizations and service providers struggle to deliver the desired goal of good customer service and satisfaction to their customers.

“As we all know, customer satisfaction is widely regarded by scholars and practitioners as an important predictor of consumer loyalty, which we do not always see in Nigeria. Due to the quality of service received.

“In recent times in Nigeria, consumer rights awareness and competition are gaining grounds. Customers are becoming aware of their rights, demanding that their rights are respected. They are now protesting market abuses and social injustice which affect them as consumers.

“This seminar aims to look at consumer growth, rights and protection from various touch points and continue the advocacy, knowledge, awareness and education to consumers.” she said.

According to her the seminar would also include the launch of the ‘Holler’ website, a free online customer and consumer review platform.
“The ‘Holler’ interface is where customers can review the services they receive, know that the review will be available to them as required and can be viewed for reference and channeled to the organization and appropriate authority for immediate remediation.
“Organizations and service providers can also use the site to see what their customers are saying and use this feedback to provide better service and gain more customers and loyalty.

“The Holler platform works with organizations and key stakeholders to ensure that the customer and the service provider relationship in Nigeria is optimal and focused on better customer experience for all,” she explained.

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